Which NTR Is Likely To Get Real??

Both the filmmakers, Ram Gopal Varma and his former assistant Teja have now announced that they are coming up with their respective version of legendary NTR’s biopic. And that brings us to the focus of who is going to make the film more realistic.

Here realistic in the sense is not through no-makeup looks and simple costumes, but the authenticity of visuals that depends on using real locations. If one is making a film on NT Rama Rao, then his residential building in Hyderabad, present-day Telangana Secretariat buildings, United AP’s assembly building, and some particular star hotels are essential elements to be shown inside. While the interiors of these buildings could be shot in sets, making their exteriors will be a daunting task if real locations are not used.

As none other than Balakrishna is making this film on NTR, a die-hard fan of NTR like Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao may give clean permissions for the shoot at these iconic places in Hyderabad and that too without any charge.  So Teja is likely to bring huge realism to the visuals. When it comes to Ram Gopal Varma however, will he get permissions in a similar fashion as he is making the film from the perspective of Lakshmi Parvathi?

Some say, either both Varma and Teja should be given permission to shoot at these still-active locations or both should be denied. Doing favourism may not look good in the eyes of people. Also, the government may not charge the producers for these locations, because NTR is NTR whether it is in Andhra or Telangana!!