NTR Is Not Rakta Charitra and Vangaveeti

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma raises the curiosity across the audience with his titles and posters. However, no interesting stuff is being seen in his films these days. On other side, the director focused on biopics and his marketing strategies worked well through the films lacked content. In similar fashion, he has now announced the biopic of NTR, titled “Lakshmi’s NTR”, whose story will be narrated from Lakshmi Parvathi’s point of view.

This did not go well with Nandamuri family for obvious reasons and some TDP leaders even the ace director to slow down. Senior politician Purandhareswari appealed that it is not fair to reveal about the biopic of such a legendary icon from a person’s perspective. Giving no heed to the warnings, he announced that the film will start shooting from February 2018 and Lakshmi’s NTR will hit the screens during October next year.

On a whole, it looks like RGV seems to repeat the same old stunts he generally follows. He said that he would narrate it from Lakshmi Parvathi’s view however he would be meeting Nandamuri family soon to discuss the story. This is the same that happened during Rakta Charitra making also, as he met both Paritala Sunitha and Gangula Bhanumathi. Even that was the case with Vangaveeti too, with Varma meeting both Devineni and Vangaveeti families for information, and then making the film in the way he likes.

But “NTR” is no “Rakta Charitra” or “Vangaveeti” in principle that Varma will play to galleries in his own way. To be honest, those films are completed stained with blood and ‘revenge’ is the only motto of the story. But here in NTR’s tale, it is the rise of a common man to a state’s one of highest offices after he became demi-god through films. So how come Varma come to quick conclusions about NTR’s life and times from a single person’s perspective became the question now.

If anything goes wrong with this biopic, whatever Varma has achieved all these decades will meet the dust. NTR is not a person belonging to a community and avenging death of his siblings or parents. He’s the man of masses and epitome of Telugu pride. Mind it, Varma!!