Numbers That Dazzle!

He taught Sindhu and Saina how to serve, he taught Satya Nadella how to use a computer, he taught English to the NRI Telugus etc.

The list of his achievements is too big to be enumerated here. Yes, he is none other than ‘Kuppam King’ Chandrababu Naidu, the poor farmer who over a period of 40 years successfully increased his asset base from 2 acres of lands to billions of rupees in the form of Heritage and other investments allegedly stashed away in Singapore.

If it comes to lying without any sense of shame, it is only Chandrababu Naidu.

Have a look at the numbers released by him:

The per capita income of AP is 20 percent more than the average of India
GDP of AP grew more than 50 percent than that of the national GDP
Income tax paid has increased by more than 13 percent
More than 2,500 MoUs to create 35 lakh jobs and bring in investment of Rs17 lakh crore
720 MoUs with an investment of Rs 1,50,000 crore are already operational and 2 lakh jobs have been created
Apart from the above, the government has plenty of money to distribute gifts for Ramzan, Christmas and Sankranthi and dole out welfare schemes like loan waivers etc

After reading these figures, there is only one thing to do: merge all the countries in the world and make Chandrababu, the President of Planet Earth.

No political leader on the planet can come up with these achievements. It would be a fitting tribute to the Andhras on Chandra Grahanam.

Why then does AP need SCS with such brilliant progress? Why the ‘Dharma Porata Deeksha’?