Official: Mega brothers divided

Ending years of speculations, finally the alleged division between Mega brothers is turning out to be true as rift between Chiranjeevi and his younger brother Pawan Kalyan is growing wider day-by-day. And the division within Mega clan is conspicuously visible as youngest brother Pawan Kalyan is coming out of Mega radar and going to float his own political outfit (Election Commission confirmed the news). The latest video statement of Naga Babu, younger brother of Chiranjeevi and elder brother of Pawan Kalyan, says that all. Naga Babu said that he is with his Big brother Chiranjeevi by hook or crook and asked all the fans to follow this. This is not just adding fuel to reports that there is rift within Mega family but publicly confirming “division” between brothers.

Senior political analyst pointed out, “Naga Babu’s speech a day ahead of Pawan’s public meeting is nothing but a ‘cheap-trick’ to dissolve Chiru’s fans from Pawan’s fans and give straight orders to former on not to attend Pawan’s public meeting Tomorrow. One could easily figure out that Naga Babu stated this at the behest of Chiranjeevi. Rather than, they should wait what Pawan say about politics in his speech. This is too early and premature attempt by Mega brothers Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu. They should have welcome Pawan Kalyan as everybody has right to express their views and take political sides notwithstanding caste, creed, religion, region and family bonding in democratic nation.”

Strong reports have been surfaced ever since Chiru merged PRP with Congress (Feb 6, 2011 i.e. exactly 30 months after the party launch). Chiranjeevi is to be blamed for merging the party without proper consultations with his party men and his own brother Pawan Kalyan. That has lead to sprouting of new political party in Andhra Pradesh- Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan’s recent speech during Atharintiki Thanks Giving function too speaks volumes. Pawan directly stated, “I don’t even like to utter the word Mega family. I think there is space for everyone in film industry.” This clearly shows that the ideology of Pawan is way ahead than Chiru. Pawan Kalyan’s broad-mindedness is totally contrary to narrow-minded attitude and insecurity that is usually seen among Tollywood stars.

Differences with Chiranjeevi will only further favour Pawan Kalyan now as Chiru is a beleaguered leader in Seemandhra and his image took severe beating after he stepped into politics. It’s better late than never. At least now, Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu should initiate a dialogue with Pawan and should support Pawan’s acts as a family member. Anyway, people will take their own call in coming elections.