One Bad Movie Puts Mahesh In Backseat!?

One easily says that Mahesh Babu is the undoubted number one of Telugu industry with no competitors in the reach. But, is his position such solid that no jerk can destabilize it is the question!
‘Stardom’ is something you achieve in years and grab the crown such that a couple of flops will not pull away the ‘aura’ from you. But, Mahesh is the top-hero all of a sudden, thanks to Dookudu and Businessman. Without any thought, one can easily say Superstar Rajnikanth, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachan are such ’emperors’ of their respective film circuits.
But, can we put Mahesh in the same place where they ruled for years. Analysts say a strong ‘No’. If two bad-films like ‘Athidi’ and ‘Khaleja’ fall in his path, no doubt he has to take a back seat as he is frontrunner only because of two flicks, they say. Else, if Jr.NTR or Ramcharan scores some back to back whopping commercial hits, then the throne will be gone. Looks like Mahesh should give a series of hits to prove that he is really worth calling a ‘No.1 Tollywood Hero’ irrespective of his brand endorsements and opinion-poll wins. What is your say folks?