One Desperate Man For Aravinda Sametha Success

Aravinda Sametha is that big-ticket entertainer that is hitting cinemas after a long time. Probably after summer treat by Rangasthalam and Bharat Anu Nenu, this is the big star movie that film lovers are waiting for.

Both NTR and Trivikram are quite confident about the success of this film which preaches that war is not an option but peace is. To be frank, the success of this film won’t matter to these two, because their next couple of films are already set. However, more than NTR or Trivikram, there is another person who needs the success of this film badly.

It’s none other than composer Thaman, who is promoting the film every other day in a big way, aggressively, in one way or the other. From the last two years, Thaman hasn’t impressed with any album, except few songs clicking. The only saving grace for him is the stupendous background score he gives to films, thereby lifting even dull scenes to high octane zone.

But now, Thaman is claiming that this is the best work of his life and even Jr NTR acknowledged this recently. For all the good reasons around, songs of Aravinda Sametha are so far not chartbusters but Thaman is quite desperate for them to become a big hit at least after film’s release. Let’s see what happens.