One Dialogue equals to 100 Fights and Steps


Ram Charan revealed an interesting tidbit about his forthcoming film Govindudu Andari Vadele. Giving us a peep into the film, Charan shared, ‘The movie opens with a dialogue which nullifies 100 emotional fights and 100 foot-tapping dance steps. It’s the highlight of the Govindudu Andari Vadele.’

Charan, however, refrains in mouthing the dialogue at the audio launch and said it’d not be ‘apt’ to say it and he added, ‘It’d have more affect when we see it on silver screen.’ Charan thanked director Krishna Vamsi for shaping up the film well. He also raved about the film’s theme, ‘The key objective of the film is the unity. The movie starts with the unity and ends with the same unity.’ Charan confirmed that the movie will be releasing on October 1 as scheduled before.