One more friend betrays NTR !

Bharath Bhushan, the owner of Bharat Pictures, a famous distribution house in Uttarandhra is a close aide to NTR. He always moves close to NTR and get the chance to distribute all his movies in Uttarandhra. But this guy, Bharath is digging holes behind NTR.
Going in to details, Dhammu was acquired by Bharath Pictures for Vizag territory but backed off in the last minute, Producer KS Ramarao has no time to look for new distributor but had to release the movie through Bharath Pictures.After the release Bharath is maintaining 2 seperate Daily Collection Reports for the film. One for his own purpose and the other to show the producer with a depleted figures for most centres pocketting the difference amount.Dhammu collected 2.17 crores for 1st week in Vizag area.
Lets see what NTR does in this matter!