Only Gabbar singh everywhere !

Gabbar Singh has become the buzzword in this summer season. When two person meet, the topic to start the conversation is Gabbar Singh – with questions like, ‘Have you seen the film?, Did you like it? and How many times did you watch it?’
There is a heavy rush for Gabbar Singh tickets even on Weekdays and surprisingly the all the shows have been running house full in multiplexes as well. It has become a daily routine for fans to watch Gabbar Singh and still thousands of people were returning back from the theaters disappointed at not getting the tickets.
For the first time ever, the analysts and trade pundits have been agreeing with the statement that ‘Even if all the theaters in AP are allotted for a single film (Gabbar Singh alone), the heavy rush and overflows will continue’. It’s Gabbar Singh mania at its peaks! All the fans, enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime moment!