Oops: Nude pic at Audio Launch?


The makers and organizers of ‘Desi Kattey’ music launch got a shock of their life. In a most bizarre and embarrassing moment for the cast and crew of Desi Kattey a ‘blue film’ clip got accidentally played at the audio launch venue in between the actual movie stills, music videos of the film.

Reports say that the explicit clip was played for a few seconds (for fraction of seconds) in between two music videos of the film. With this unthinkable incident, organizers were left red-faced. However, when the technician in the know was questioned, he pretended as if he was “unaware” of the oops moment. 

The cast, crew of movie who had their family and friends present at the do, went through most awful experience. Starring Sunil Shetty, Jay Bhanushali, Akhil Kapur, Sasha Agha in the stellar roles, the movie is due for Sep 12 release. Irrespective of the oops incident, the film got good publicity with it, quip PR experts.