Open Challenge to Danam Nagendar

Communist Party leader Raghavulu who is doing some yatra or other to be in the media attention and become talk of the town threw an open challenge to State Labour Minister Danam Nagender.. Reacting to Danam Nagender’s dadagiri sometime back at Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy shrine managed by ISKON near Banjarahills, he dared Danam to carry locks and keys to various temples across the state and get along with the job of putting them in lockouts.
Raghavulu questioned how dare Danam could do like this taking law and order in his hands, completely breaking them with even having a second thought that he is in responsible position as a Labor Minister of the state. He wondered whether Danam would have acted in matters pertaining to his department and problems faced by labors who are struggling to meet both ends due to bad and unimaginable working conditions and managements who are taking workers for a ride.
Raghavulu went on to accuse the minister of hobnobbing with the managements of the companies to meet his vested personal and political interests seeking funds for the party leaving the cause of labors in a lurch. Many wondered how Raghavulu went hammer and tongs at Danam with such intensity. He even asked Danam to put down his papers as the Minister since he failed on all fronts and is busy on his mission to lock temples across the state. It has to be seen how Danam will react and what will be the impact of his reaction.