Operation Dravida : Cost 4800 Crore

In most sensational-ever comments, actor Sivaji has divulged BJP’s Operation Dravida – a master plan to capture power in the Southern states of India.

Stating that Operation Garuda is just a part of the whole Operation Dravida for Andhra Pradesh, Operation Ravana is to capture power in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Operation Kumar is for the state of Karnataka.

Sivaji said that he came to know that a staggering Rs 4800 Crore is the budget of the entire Operation Dravida and a huge part of the amount has already been dispatched. However, Sivaji said that he is unaware whether the amount is dispatched to Andhra Pradesh or not.

He said that he has prepared 20 minutes video to all media persons. As part of Operation Garuda, a new political party (read as Janasena) and a main political party (read as YSRCP) would work for their prospects.

Sivaji said that the national party is smartly using the differences between political parties to its political advantage and want to ‘fool’  people down the South. Sivaji said that he came to know about the Operation Dravida in Sep 2017.  However, Sivaji throughout his speech not revealed the names of any political parties, individuals. He said he doesn’t want to indulge in any legal issues, Sivaji made it clear that he is leaving to people’s imagination, media’s imagination.