‘Operation Dravida’ Is Just a Kasi Majili Katha

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar, who is also a key member of the Joint Fact Finding Committee (JFC), has allegedly ridiculed actor-turned-politician Sivaji’s “Operation Dravida” revelation as a mere ‘Kasi majili katha’.

“His total description of the so-called ‘Operation Dravida’ appears as a convoluted cinema story. He just made up a film story from what he might have heard from half-knowledge people. Media gave unnecessary importance to his theory,” Undavalli allegedly said in a press meet.

The senior politician also urged South Indians not to pay attention to the North-South division conspiracy theory divulged by Sivaji.

Earlier, Sivaji claimed Operation Dravida as a national party’s master plan to capture power in the Southern States of India. He said that the national party is smartly using the differences among the political parties down South to capture power in the Southern states.

He added, Operation Dravida comprises three segments – Operation Garuda for the Telugu states, Operation Ravana is for Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and Operation Kumara is for Karnataka. He said that the entire budget of Operation Dravida is Rs 4800 Cr and that a huge part of the amount has already been dispatched.