Opinion: Is Samantha’s Middle Finger Act Correct?

With trolls crossing all the limits, actress Samantha has finally responded to them by showing them a middle finger through a cartoon. “For all those of you who thought you had a say in how I should live my life after marriage”, is what she posted, before adding the middle-finger to it.

Though Samantha’s “Thank You” at the end of this Insta story sounds dignified, some say that she shouldn’t have tackled those trolls in such harsh way. They feel that if Samantha’s also slaps back this way, then the trolling and abuse on social media will inflate but not otherwise.

However, hardcore fans of the actress are fully supporting her acts as they feel that trollers need to get a tight slap like a reply from Samantha as they are taking a dig at her on a personal level. When this so-called social police could use all the filthy language at her, what’s wrong in Sam reciprocating harshly to them, they ask.

Whatever it may be, it looks like Samantha’s teasing is attracting more trollers and it looks like she wants to stand against them like a rock. But social media is a place to share and care, but not dig and blot.