Who Owns YSR? Congress or YCP?

Recently, the birth anniversary of Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy was observed and both the Congress and YSRCP celebrated the event.Against this backdrop, the Congress while staking claim to YSR said, “YSR belonged to the Congress. He was a Congressman all his life and he passed away as a Congress Chief Minister.”

Meanwhile, YCP cadre strongly opposed this viewpoint and said the legacy of YSR is with YSRCP and his son Jagan now.“If Congress really is continuing YSR’s legacy, how can they put his son in jail?” is their contention.Which brings us to the question: Who does YSR belong to? Undoubtedly, people look upon YS Jagan as his father’s successor and not the Congress. Had the people associated YSR with Congress, then the Congress would have won at least a couple of seats despite bifurcation.

But all the Congress cadre moved away to YS Jagan which is indication enough that people associate YSR with YSRCP and not Congress which seems to be desperate for some sort of mileage.