Padmavati Upset! Questions Govt’s Silence

Amidst the protests, threats and demands of ban on upcoming historical film, “Padmavati”, several prominent film bodies across the nation have come out in support of the film, and questioned the government’s silence on open threats by ruling party members.

‘No filmmaker will attempt to bring our history onto silver screen after witnessing the innumerable hurdles being created for Padmavati, alleging that the makers distorted the history, even without watching the film. Let the film release first, and then confront the makers if they had really distorted the story. The government should intervene at least now, as the release date is just two weeks away,’ demanded the body of filmmakers.

They asked both the Central and state governments about why were silent when leaders from their parties were openly threatening to burn theatres screening Padmavati. They said that an attack on the film was an assault on creative freedom.

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been facing hurdles ever since he started shooting for the film. The sets of the movie were vandalized multiple times, and the director was even roughed up earlier this year by members of Rajput community.