Pak Heroine Smokes In Public, Social Media Upset

For the past many years, Pakistani actresses have been struggling to prove their mettle and carve their identities in Bollywood. While only a few have succeeded but many failed to do so and some landed in controversies unknowingly. One such actress is Mahira Khan who debuted with Shahrukh’s Raees and she is again on news for her habit.

In the past, this married hottie faced a lot of criticism for smoking in public and the clothes she wore that time. That time, she had faced a lot of backlash from her Pak community especially and rumours about her alleged relationship with Ranbir Kapoor spread like wildfire. At that time Mahira is seen puffing out smoke outside a hotel in New York.

Again, she did something like that. The actress recently attended an award event and few have captured a video when she is seen smoking publicly. Mahira tried to cover the cigarette, but the damage has already done with sharp lenses catching her act. As soon as the video got uploaded on social media, it went viral and people have started trolling her for these acts, calling it anti-religious.

While many have been criticizing her, there are few, who are extending support to this Raees actress, saying it’s her personal decision to smoke or not.