Parakala Result is a lession to All Parties !

TRS might have wrested the Parakal by polls from the YSRCP nominee Konda Surekha in the just concluded election but it taught many a lesson to all the political parties in the Telangana region. For the Telangana Rastra Samithi it is an eye opener since that party has suffered almost a serious jolt at the hands of other parties including that of YSRCP.
Their over confidence has almost took them to the abyss of defeat in the all important Warangal district. Observers in the district say that the election should pave way for an introspection of Telangana movement torch bearers.
Though many say that the victory of TRS would be offered as a homage to the Telangana movement strategist Kothapalli Jayashankar, the native place of Prof.Jayashankar, Akkampet recorded majority for the YSRCP instead. The BJP’s sudden entry into the fray in the wake of Mahabubnagar victory was viewed seriously by the political pandits but it proved a bane and nearly taught a lesson to that party in the segment. The Congress party’s lack luster performance at the hustings and the tough fight of TDP nominee Dharma Reddy ofcourse taught lessons to those two parties.