Parrot Is AP’s Official Bird!

With the combined state of Andhra Pradesh getting divided to carve out Telangana state almost four years ago, both the states have looked for official symbols to represent their respective cultural identities.

While Telangana took a quick initiative to declare its official icons for the new state almost three years ago, it took four years for the AP government to identify and notify its official symbols.

The AP government on Wednesday notified Rama Chiluka (rose-ringed parakeet) as its official bird, Malle Puvvu (jasmine) as official flower, Krishna Jinka (black buck) as official animal and Vepa Chettu (Neem tree) as official tree.

A notification to this effect was released by the ministry of environment and forests on Wednesday.

The government made changes in the state official symbol. Instead of Pragathi Chakram (Wheel of Progress) used in the combined state, it has now declared Sunrise State symbol as the official symbol which would be used in all the gazette notifications and correspondence.

The Telangana government has already been using its official symbols for the last three years. While Palapitta (Blue Jay) is the state bird, Jinka (deer) is state animal, Jammi Chettu is state tree and Tangedu Puvvu is the state flower.