Parvathi Melton gains weight for Balayya !

It has been quite a while since the red wine beauty Parvathi Melton has been seen onscreen. Barring the item song in ‘Dookudu’, Parvathi was not around. But now she is back and that too with a bang it appears. This is through the film ‘Srimannarayana’.
Now, what is catching the attention of many is the new look of Parvathi. She has put on few pounds and inside talk is that she has done that on the behest of Nandamuri Balakrishna, the hero of the film. As such, the cine folks say Balayya likes his heroines to be voluptuous.
Given Parvathi’s tall frame, she would be a vision of beauty if she has few extra pounds. Ironically, Parvathi is one of those rare beauties who never got her due despite having the right sex appeal and natural beauty. With the new look of ‘Srimannarayana’ it remains to be seen if she can prove her mettle or not. Let us hope she does.