Pavithra is comming for you on May 10th

Accepting the prostitute characters has become a prestige and test for talent of heroines. Like wise, there is no need to discuss in special about the versatility and stardom enjoyed by shriya Saran in her career romancing many star heroes. But, with age factor taking the toll and her glamour being unaccepted by current day youth, offers like ‘Pavithra’ will help her enjoy plenty of professional satisfaction.

Director Janardhan Maharshi who made ‘Devasthanam’ recently developed his own style of dealing social concepts. He has taken up ‘Pavithra’ with a sweet message imbibed and shriya is confident of winning the hearts of audience in this prostitute character. Already, trailers are teasing the public making them wait for release of movie on May 10th on big screens. This is the story of a prostitute who gets insulted by a Governor in turn defeats him politically. Let us see, how far shriya will fit into this role?