Pawan Asks Kalyan To Take 41 Days Break

One of those Pawan Kalyan’s hardcore fan Kalyan Dileep Sunkara recently poured his outburst on social media by claiming that few people in Janasena Party are actually trying to malign his good work. He accused that they are spreading gobels on him and asked Party chief Pawan Kalyan to respond. And finally, the powerful star has met his hardcore fan.

Whether it is a TV debate or any other meeting, Kalyan Dileep presented himself at the venue, taking a pro-Pawan stand and defended Janasena all the time. But his outburst looked like a big hole in the balloon for the newly formed political. Rising to the occasion, Pawan Kalyan met this fan other day for the first time and cooled down his raging heart.

“Met the Big Boss other day. He allotted me huge time. A wonderful feeling indeed. He advised me to take up 41 days of meditation and I’ll keep myself away from social media for this period” said Kalyan Dileep, in a post. But what did Pawan advised him to do regarding all the accusations the fan made?

“You have the power of fighting with a society, why do you want to fight with those people who don’t know your stature? Don’t respond to all the criticism around. If I keep on doing it, can I reach the destination?” said Pawan Kalyan, as quoted by Kalyan Dileep.

The fan finally took back his plan to quit being Janasena supporter and once again reiterated, “Jai Jana Sena. Jai Pawan Kalyan Garu”.