Pawan can not spend time for Charan !

When everyone from Megastar’s family was present at the wedding reception by receiving the high profile guests and having a friendly chat with them, Chiru’s younger brother Pawan was not seen in the surroundings. Pawan Kalyan did come to the reception, but he didn’t wait until the real function started off.
As per reliable sources, Pawan Kalyan came to the venue around 7:30 PM on that day. But the function hasn’t started by then. He waited for few minutes and meanwhile Charan and Upasana reached the venue. Pawan spoke to them for few minutes and enquired about when the function would actually start. They told him that it would start in thirty minutes as the bride’s parents were struck in traffic.
Pawan Kalyan told that he has urgent work to attend and left the venue before the reception started. Hence, he was not seen during the event. Pawan didn’t spend much time at the wedding too. He came like every guest and spent some time and left the marriage venue in a hurry. Same is the not case during Charan’s engagement. He drove Charan to the venue by himself and was there until the ceremony was wrapped up. He also actively participated during Chiranjeevi’s elder daughter Sushmita wedding. Wonder why he was not active at Charan’s marriage.