Pawan Direct Attack on Chiru’s Close Aide

Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is considered to be a close friend of Chiru and his family. Whenever Chiru wants some sort of political help, he would reach out to Ganta. Be it the permissions for an audio launch venue or pre-release event venue, Chiru would dial Ganta to seek help and otherwise as Ganta took Chiru’s help for the launch of his son’s acting debut. Amidst this, Pawan’s latest comments referring to Ganta have kicked up a storm within mega clan.

Pawan Kalyan launched his fresh tweet attack against Ganta. Although Pawan hasn’t referred Ganta’s name directly, he alleged that 1 Lakh acres of land in Visakhapatnam was grabbed by TDP leaders and their accomplices. This is in the wake of recent land-grabbing allegations against Ganta in Vizag.

Not naming Ganta, Pawan has demanded CM Chandrababu Naidu to reveal the report of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by AP state government to look into the allegations of land grabbing in Vizag.

“These two booklets focuses on land grabbing of 1 lakh acres in Visakhapatnam rural by TDP leaders & their accomplices.I wonder, why? Hon.CM Sri CBN garu hasn’t revealed SIT report about land grabbing to public after concerned authorities submitting the report,” PK tweeted sharing the two booklets.

What’s more? Pawan is predicting that Uttarandhra would become another Telangana. He said he is witnessing the signs of strong Uttarandhra self-respect movement and said its negligence would result in another statehood movement.

“Even Telangana movement started off like this and it became a great movement and they had achieved statehood. If the Greed ,Cruelty & Oppression continues by ‘Ruling classes of AP’ …even Uttarandhra will become separate state in the next few years or less,” Pawan added.

Pawan’s tweets have kicked up a storm within mega family given Ganta’s close association with Chiru & Co. While Ganta is Chiru’s troubleshooter when it comes to any political hurdles, dragging his name indirectly has become shot in the arm of Pawan’s detractors.

Many analysts are finding fault with Pawan’s choosy comments. While Pawan refrained from naming Ganta directly – probably due to family association, he continued to target Chandrababu is raising several eyebrows and Pawan’s selective and biased criticism.

Instead of offering any solutions to any of the public issues so far, Pawan’s allegations on the ruling government is inviting flak from several corners. And if anyone asks him for proofs, Pawan as usual turns silent and throws the blame on others saying it as hearsay from a few people. Looks like, Pawan continues with his confusion politics.