Pawan dumps Anantapur for Srikakulam!

Power star and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who frequently used to talk about Anantapur in Rayalaseema and its backwardness till recently, seems to have developed more affinity towards Srikakulam district of late.For the last one week, he has been touring extensively in all parts of Srikakulam, so much so that he has finally decided to contest the assembly elections from the district.

The party sources say he might contest the elections from Ichapuram constituency, which has shown tremendous response to his tour.Till the other day, Pawan was talking about his Anantapur. He even declared that he would contest from Anantapur so that he could represent the problems of the district in Assembly.

But those days, he was not evincing interest in coming to power and the CM post. But now that he declared that Jana Sena would contest all the seats in 2019 and come to power, he has changed his mind on choosing his constituency.Apparently, Pawan was so much fascinated by Srikakulam, especially after seeing the response he has got on the Uddanam kidney patients issue. He described Uddanam area as another Konaseema with picturesque land scape.

He alleged that Srikakulam district has always been in the grip of a handful of families and added that sand mafia was looting the district to a tune of several crores every month.

Slamming Naidu, he asked Chandrababu as to why he was ignoring the development of north coastal Andhra and was according importance only to Amaravati.He called upon the people to question both the BJP and the TDP leaders on the issue of special status to Andhra Pradesh.