Pawan Factor Flunking Big Time


If a hero or director uses the references of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in just one scene, it looks exciting. But if they are going to serve the whole package with Pawan dosage, then the dish is going to end up distasteful. Do you accept with this?

Recent releases like Gaalipatam and Geethanjali have big time references to Pawan Kalyan. Makers of these flicks might have thought that Pawan’s factor will make masses run into theatres. But overdose of anything is detrimental, and that is proved by the result of these two at box office. Why did Pawan factor flunked big time this way? If a script is loaded with befitting content, then Pawan’s references will work like icing on the cake. And if the basement itself is weak, even the Janasena boss’ presence will not be a savior.

Also, using Pawan Kalyan’s name in a scene or two creates some fun and craziness, but using him throughout will surely invite the ire of Pawan’s fans itself. Already fans and audiences are unhappy that every director and hero is trying to sell their product with Pawan’s cutout somewhere or the other.