Pawan Fan Trashes Warnings Of A Mahesh Fan

Apparently, there is one youngster named Zbigs from Poland (who lives in London now) and he has shot to fame after uploading his cover version of “Kodaka Koteswara Rao” song from Agnyaathvasi. In no time, Pawan Kalyan and his fans’ attention on this kid made him a star.

Cut to now, this kid shared that he got a warning from Mahesh Babu’s fan asking him not to sing any cover song from Bharat Anu Nenu album. Wonder why? The Mahesh fan feels that Zbigs songs are like an iron-leg as the film Agnyaathvaasi flopped. What has our Poland kid to say about this?

I received a message from Mahesh fan asking me not to sing Bharat Anu Nenu songs because the film will be a disaster. Well, I sang  Entha Sakkagunnave and the film is a BLOCK BUSTER. A well-made film only will RUN. My singing will not effect a Film. Will sing any song if I like it. Fan wars must stop” he said, responding on this, and trashing the warning.

Well, its high time that everyone realises the fact that iron legs and golden legs are not present anywhere and it’s only a collective careful output that works at the box office.