Pawan Gearing Up For Telangana Tour Now

Following his tour of coastal Andhra this month, Pawan Kalyan is exploring the possibility of a Telangana tour next month.While the TDP is all but finished in Telangana, BJP exists with an identity but no popular support whereas Congress as of now lacks a charismatic leader to pose a serious challenge to the TRS.

But the Opposition parties are all willing to come together in a bid to stop the TRS from coming to power again. In a way, this coupled with anti-incumbency can affect TRS chances. Earlier, Pawan Kalyan out of the blue met KCR and complimented the latter on his ‘free power’ scheme. This is being seen by many as a precursor to Pawan supporting KCR officially in the 2019 polls.

Students will not vote for KCR but there is the possibility of youth voting for TRS because of Pawan Kalyan and he can help split the anti-incumbency votes in favour of TRS.