Pawan’s Heroine Stalked Over Phone!!

kriti karband

Choking Shruti Haasan at her own apartment, groping Rhea Chakoroborthy at her flats in Mumbai, sending lewd SMSes to actress Hema  are the recent incidents that exposed the how female celebrities are prone to stalking. Adding to this, Pawan Kalyan’s Teenmaar heroine Kriti Kharbanda too became a worried girl now.

Being a frequent air-traveler through a particular airline, Kriti Kharbanda has fallen victim of a stalker who found retrieved her number from the passenger database illegally and started calling her on phone. When Kriti entered Bangalore airport a couple of days back, this stalker called her saying, ‘You’re looking pretty today, why don’t you come and take a picture with me?’. But in no time, Kriti has identified the caller and filed the complaint with the airline authority.

Despite filing a complaint, Kriti says that she is still worried about the incident. ‘This could happen to any girl, and the stalker still has my number. Airlines should make their databases more secure’, she signed off. First of all, these stalkers and all other men out there require moral education too.