Pawan Is Angry With Chiranjeevi ?

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the presence of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan at the audio release function of ‘Rachha’. Unfortunately, that has not happened disappointing thousands of fans at the venue. Is it clearing the air about split in Konidela family?

Complete mega coterie, Megastar Chiru, Ramcharan, Nagendra Babu, Allu Arjun, Allu Arvind have graced the occasion except Powerstar. Apparently, Mega fans are waiting for Pawan to come and put full stop to the growing rumors that there is a split in the Mega Family. With only Powerstar not attending the event, it is clear that there is a rift between him and ‘Megastar’. Possible Pawan got hurt as Chiru merged ‘PrajaRajyam’ into Congress party without consulting him at least, say insiders. This, being a movie function, Pawan showed no interest in the way he had attended for the engagement ceremony of Charan though the differences are present by that time.

Mega-group also showed no interest for Pawan and this is evident as they clearly neglected playing his songs at ‘Racha’ audio function. But, Mega fans are saying, ‘Had they played Chiru’s songs? No. Only songs of younger mega-generation took centre stage. Please don’t pluck feathers from egg shell’.