Pawan Kalyan: Boycott TV9, TV5 and ABN

Actor-turned-politician and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is getting ready for a long-drawn legal battle with the media houses and if necessary, the Telugu Desam Party leaders, on the allegations he had made against them on Sri Reddy issue.

Pawan, who spent a few hours at the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce at Jubilee Hills along with other mega family members to register his protest, went back to his house without talking to media.

He, however, continued his tirade against the media houses on his twitter platform.Particularly targeting TV9, Pawan said the trio – promoter Srini Raju, CEO Ravi Prakash and film maker Ram Gopal Varma – had funded Sri Reddy to make abusive comments against him.

He alleged that Srini Raju, who owned 88.69% of stake in TV9, was making money by launching slander campaigns on public misery.“The rich and powerful will have the luxury of abusing anyone. He will understand in the days to come what he has done,” he said.

He also targeted other channels like TV5 and ABN-Andhra Jyothy, asking the people to boycott these channels for abusing mothers, daughters and sisters.“And also we have to boycott them for making business out of nudity & profanity. Making business out of a helpless sister (sic).,” he said.

Expressing view that Srini Raju might file a defamation case against him, Pawan Kalyan appealed to all Jana Sena activists to be quiet and not to indulge in any violent acts.“From tomorrow onwards, Srini Raju is going to put a defamation case on me but you please restrain yourself. And I am also going for a long and powerful legal battle on these channel heads,” Pawan tweeted.