Pawan Kalyan Should Focus On Building Cadre

Chandrababu Naidu often says that the strength of a political party is its cadre and he is absolutely right.Why is cadre so important? Because, it is the cadre that takes government policies to the people and works tirelessly for the party.

Irrespective of the political climate in the State or nation, the cadres is fiercely loyal and always vote for their party.The TDP has an excellent army of cadre in Andhra Pradesh and YSRCP too benefitted from Congress and YSR supporters switching to YS Jagan after bifurcation.

Political analysts say that one of the mistakes Chiranjeevi made when he floated the Praja Rajyam was to assume that all fans would automatically vote for him.

Unfortunately, the majority of fans are youth and some of them are of the age where they are not eligible to vote either. Therefore, Pawan Kalyan should ideally start at the grassroots level and prepare his cadre.

Having declared his intention of the Jana Sena contesting in all 175 seats in 2019, the power star has set himself a Himalayan task and cannot expect favorable results without any cadre.

In fact, after 2014, he should ideally have used the period to do this but his film commitments and prolonged periods of absence resulted in a golden opportunity being wasted. But as they say, better late than never!