Pawan Kalyan Personal Secrets Revealed !

What makes a star likeable and also a role model? For one, his star power onscreen and at the box office plays a major role. But at the same time, it is also his personal discipline and other qualities which earn him more respect. And that seems to be the reason why many like Pawan Kalyan.
A source close to the power star recently revealed few personal secrets. He mentioned that Pawan doesn’t drink, does not smoke and most importantly, unlike many film people he doesn’t have the habit of womanizing. He is surrounded by books always and he keeps flipping through them.
The source added that always he is in a thinking process and these are the positives. But on the flip side he cannot gauge the intelligence of a person. He cannot analyze a situation as he lives life wholeheartedly without any crooked thought. That way, it is easy to cheat Pawan Kalyan.
Apparently, Pawan lives by heart not by brain and that’s why all like him. Anyone who speaks to him, his innocence will come out and his negative traits don’t come out. That’s the power star for you folks.