Pawan Kalyan Twitter Account Hacked!


While the huge attack on global cyber-security system by Ransom-ware virus has been the biggest talking point, news has it that the officially verified twitter account of Jana Sena founder and Telugu film hero Pawan Kalyan has been hacked by some unscrupulous and unidentified elements.

Reportedly, the hacking came to light after it was noticed by Jana Sena social media team in Hyderabad office. It’s well-known to us that Pawan made his Twitter account a big platform to highlight public matters and make statements on political issues. With sizable number of followers from all over the world, Pawan’s tweets always invite massive response from his followers.

Meanwhile, the Jana Sena team has reported the incident with cybercrime team and they’re holding an internal meet before proceeding ahead with police complaint. ‘Pawan being the more-responsible person and big-face in Telugu speaking states, we are more than worried what the miscreants would post on his official page,’ said the party’s Vice-President Mahendar Reddy.

The cyber security team is also analysing whether there are any political forces behind hacking the actor-cum-politcian’s Twitter account and our reliable sources claim that it’s the account has been hacked three days back. To bring down the concern of fans and followers over this unexpected incident, Pawan had issued an official statement a while ago.