Pawan Kalyan: Vision 2043

Not many people may be aware of this but there is actually a video of Pawan Kalyan available on you tube.In an interview given to TV9 during his Praja Rajyam days, Pawan Kalyan said he would take sanyas from politics if the Praja Rajyam Party were to lose in the elections.

Cut to the present, the power star yesterday was preaching to his cadre or fans that it took a lot of discipline to transform politics.“I will be in politics for the next 25 years as it will take that long to change things,” said Pawan Kalyan.Now, for those who are closely following Chandrababu Naidu’s political career over the years, they will be familiar with Chandrababu Naidu’ vision 2020 statement which he used to repeat at every forum ad nauseam.

In 2014, he has changed it to 2050. It appears as if the power star has decided to follow in Chandrababu’s footsteps in making such kinds of statements.