Pawan Kalyan is the water under carpet

Pawan Kalyan, is not just a wonderful human being and charismatic hero, but he is considered to be ‘golden leg’ by many Tollywood celebrities. Especially heroes like Nitin proved this again and again, and even now it is confirmed again.

For Puri Jagan’s ‘Heart Attack’, neither there is a superb opening weekend, nor any exciting reviews by many critics. Almost all the guys ruled out this flick as a flop. If shock is ours, pleasure is Nitin’s, because the flick went on collecting best figures of his career in opening weekend. Nitin confirmed that ‘Heart Attack’ is his hat trick hit after Ishq and Gundejaari Gallantayyinde.

And everyone knows how Nitin made reference to Pawan Kalyan in Heart Attack too, while talking about women. He spoke about ‘extra ordinary’ dialogue used by Pawan in Rambabu movie in a crisp way. Fans are now saying that Pawan’s presence in ‘Heart Attack’ acted as water under carpet for the success of movie despite critics slamming it.