Pawan should learn diplomacy?

Even big political and business rivals, when happened to meet at a common function, they greet and regard each other, but power star carries his ‘heart on his sleeve’, so he needs to take up a crash course in diplomacy.

Since Pawan Kalyan, always maintained that he never dissociated from politics, where he has to face his political rivals quite often, but he should be able to at least ‘shake hands’ as courtesy in public, instead of walking away ignoring them. If he could do this to his own brother Chiranjeevi who hasn’t done anything wrong to Pawan, so imagine the plight of his political rivals.
And also celebrities should acquire diplomatic skills, since personal relationship, is different from professional differences. Whatever, Pawan Kalyan is like that only because he is Pawan Kalyan. He acts only on reel but not in real life. What say folks?