Pawan may never work with him


Superstar Pawan Kalyan is a dedicated and workaholic and likes to work with directors who suit his working style and would never work with director Puri Jagannath again, says a source.

Even though, Puri loves to work with Power star, the actor has no such plans, since director reportedly tends to relax during action and song sequences and leaves it to stunt director and choreographer to do the work, while Pawan prefers his directors to do that job.

“Its not about hits and flops since that’s part of a star and director’s life but its total dedication that Pawan demands and Puri can’t give 100%” adds the source. So Pawan and Puri reportedly had arguments during the making of “Cameraman Gango.tho…” and was unhappy about Puri rushing up with his scenes, as if running against time. While Pawan prefers quality work, its difficult for them to team up again near future.