Pawan to meet Narendra Modi soon !

Going by sources, Pawan Kalyan is going to meet BJP PM candidate-Gujarat CM Narendra Modi very soon. “Pawan Kalyan may meet Modi Tomorrow (March 17). If not, Pawan will meet Modi during the latter’s visit to Vijayawada which is scheduled to take place this month end,” top sources in the know revealed. We hear that Narendra Modi too quite impressed with a youngster and popular actor like Pawan. Pawan, who floated his own political outfit Jana Sena and given a call ‘Congress Hatao, Desh Bachao’, has taken youth by storm.

In fact, Pawan’s Friday speech too hinted that the star hero is likely to join forces with Narendra Modi. Chanting of words like Sanathana Dharma, Patriotism, Congress Hatao and taking inspiration from the leaders like Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose and Chandra Sekhar Ajad are giving clear impression that Pawan is inclined towards BJP. Pawan is of the opinion that BJP alone has strength to wipe out Congress in nation wide. So, there are clear chances of Pawan joining Narendra Modi brigade.

That’s not all. Pawan is closely observing the reactions to his speech. He may organize ‘Meet the Press’ soon by the end of this month where he will reveal the agenda, ideology of party. Pawan has decided to launch his book which is expected to clarify all the doubts if any.