If Pawan Needs 2 Acres, Why Not Capital in 33,000 Acres?

Sharply reacting to Pawan’s blistering attack on TDP, TDP MLA Peethala Sujatha has given a befitting counter. “Pawan is questioning why AP’s capital city needs 33,000 acres? I want to understand what is wrong in having large land for capital when Pawan and his small family alone need 2 acres near capital city,” questioned MLA Peethala Sujatha.

Chintalapudi MLA Peethala Sujatha didn’t stop there. She asked Pawan Kalyan to first question his own brother Chiranjeevi who has “sold” his PRP to Congress and buried the hopes of the fans, youth, people who had trusted Chiru. Sujatha also asked Pawan to blame his brother Chiranjeevi first who had remained “silent” in Congress when the state was divided unilaterally. “First you question your brother,” said Peethala who stated that political count down for Pawan has begun.

Demanding an unconditional apology from Pawan for his “baseless” allegations against Lokesh, Chandrababu, Sujatha said that Pawan has “spoiled” his “value” in the eyes of Chandrababu.”CM garu has given utmost value to Pawan. Whenever he has picked up any issue, CM garu responded immediately and made sure it is resolved in time. Even after giving such high priority, Pawan has crossed his limits and gone overboard,” Sujatha remarked.

TDP has taken offence to Pawan’s personal comments. TDP leaders continue to attack Pawan, Janasena verbally. It needs to be seen what is in store for Pawan, Janasena.