Pawan Powerful dialogues from Cameramen !

The dialogues of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ are in circulation on the Social Networking Sites. As large number of fans were gathering at Saradhi Studios daily to get a glimpse of the star, it’s getting difficult for the security to control them and unit members to maintain secrecy about the films’s content.
Pawan plays the role of a press reporter in CGR. While he is busy exposing the scamsters in the film, his fans are busy spreading the leaked dialogues. This is not the first the one-liners in the film got leaked.
Puri’s films were known for terrific one-liners. But if the same situation continues, there mayn’t be any dialogues other than leaked ones will be left in the film.
Few One-liners in the Film:
Veedu Manchoda, Cheddoda, Tikkoda… Ani Telusukodaniki Try Cheyaku… Nee Gunde Ki, Brain Ki Unna Connection Cut Ipoddhi.
Orey, Ninnu Kotteyyalanukuntunna Ra… Velli Manushulni Tecchuko
Goondalaki, Gudumba Kaasevallaki Bayapadataniki Nenu Police Ni, Political Leader Ni Kaadhu… Press… Press.