Pawan Predicts Srini Raju’s Next Move, Asks Janasainiks to Be Quiet

Ever since he left Film Chamber in the evening, once again Janasena President Pawan Kalyan took to his twitter to continue his attack on a media house owner. And that took a stunning turn with he himself confirming what is happening from the opposite camp.

In a series of tweets, Pawan confirmed that TV9 Srini Raju owns 88.69% of stake in TV 9 and accused him of making money out of slander campaigns on public misery. He predicted that Srini Raju will understand in the days to come what he has done, and dubbed that rich and powerful will have the luxury of abusing anyone.

Also, Pawan confirmed that Srini Raju is a relative of Satyam Ramalinga Raju and also of Ram Gopal Varma too. Indirectly this is a hint that all these people are related and hence they took an attack at Pawan Kalyan together. Here comes another final revelation.

“I appeal to all jansainiks  to be quiet and don’t indulge in any violent acts..From tomorrow onwards SriniRaju is going to put a defamation case on me but you please restrain yourself. And I am also going for a long and  powerful legal battle on these channel heads”, tweeted Pawan.

One wonders how come Pawan is getting all the leaks from opposition camps or these things just a figment of imagination!