Pawan-Sharrath Marar : Break-Up?

Industry grapevine is that Pawan Kalyan and his close friend, producer Sharrath Marar have called it quits. The duo said to have parted ways after Katamarayudu bombed at the Box Office. Even Sharrath’s maiden solo production venture Sardaar Gabbar Singh failed to meet the expectations adding to the woes.

Sharrath and Pawan, who started their journey a decade before with Johnny, are not seen together these days. Be it at the shooting spots or at Pawan’s office, Sharrath has been missing since long time. This is adding fuel to the ongoing speculations in the industry. However, it is not clear whether Pawan and Sharrath have really separated or just a baseless rumour.

The exact reasons for the sudden separation are not known. It is rumoured that issues due to distributors and their pressure could have triggered this condition. Or Pawan’s political plans could also be the reason for Sharrath’s growing distance with Pawan.

Meanwhile, many in the industry circuits strongly hope that Pawan, Sharrath would ‘patch-up’ and burry their hatchet if at all any. Sharrath has been a nice gentleman and has been loyal to Pawan all these years. Their distance is now seen as a major shocker to industry people.

Given that Sharrath is quite close to Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Pawan’s family, it is expected that Chiru could step in to resolve the issue. On other hand, nothing is confirmed yet.