Pawan Speaks About Marriage Thing


Taking a strong exception to what V Hanumantha Rao has spoken about Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages, the powerful hero and Janasena president has given heavy blasts to the Congress leader.

‘V Hanumantha Rao is questioning me, how many times I’ll get married. VH Sir, many of your Delhi friends have got married to just one lady, but they end up with thirty people in illegal affairs. You know them all those leaders in Lonavla resorts, right?’, asked Pawan

‘If you talk about my personal life, I’ll talk about yours. If Congress leaders start criticising me personally, then I’ll criticizing son Rahul and son-in-law Robert Vadra, and will talk about their personal life’, added Pawan, warning Congress leaders about the comments they are making on his personal life.

‘If you want spice to attack me, you need CBI, but I’ve my fans to know about the spice in your personal lives’, he quipped, making a mockery of Congress leaders and their ways.