Pawan takes inspiration from Modi and Trump

Pawan Kalyan is a happy man! The survey conducted by TDP revealed that he has a 10 percent vote share.

Taking to Twitter, the Jana Sena founder posted, “I want Janasainiks to know,Hon PM Sri Narendra Modi ji started with 10% vote share ,American president Mr.Donald trump started with 10% vote share &JSP started with 10% vote share( as per the ruling party poll) its a good beginning let’s get the necessary vote share to form Govt.”

Kalyan’s community comprises approximately 20 percent of the population in Andhra Pradesh. So, what the survey primarily indicates is that 50 percent of his community will vote for him, which is a very huge number.

But, getting the necessary vote share to form the government is a huge task and Pawan Kalyan will have to earn the credibility and respect of the other communities also. But as he said, it’s a good beginning indeed.