Pawan target of People Elaborated in Jana Sena Song?

The celebrations have been started among Pawan Kalyan fans before the official announcement about his political entry which was scheduled to announce officially on tomorrow @ 6: 30 PM at HICC, Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad. Few minutes back released the party flag and party song creating sensation on net. The song and flag was not officially released by Pawan Kalyan party members, where the flag was posted on facebook page and song was leaked by popular Telugu news channel.

With hours of uploading the song it acquired more than 50000 clicks in first few hours and response from the Pawan fans is extraordinary. Janasena Song is creating a revolutionary feel among the pawan fans especially in youth. Songs signifies an Communist ideological thoughts which indirectly remembers many ideological revolutionists Che Guevera, Sri Sri, Jiddu Krishnamurti..Etc The flag also almost similar to avant-garde country ‘Israel’. Within few hours of song release many buzzes started spreading that this Jana Sena song is penned by one of Pawan Kalyan’s best friend director Trivikram.
It is an open secret that Trivikram is one of active members in Pawan’s political party and he is taking care in party activities from tip to toe. We don’t know who was involved behind the song penning but the songs clearly show the target of people to whom Pawan targeted. Yes, Pawan completely focused on Youth to change the current worst politics and he tried to incorporate party slogan “Not for Power Only to Question” in the song. Anyway what might be his intension but one thing that song clearly said that the party name is “Jana Sena”.  Let us wait and see will this new Jana Sena create new era of politics in our state or not!!! Time will decide!!!