Pawan Targets Chandrababu in National Media

Notwithstanding the political ramifications after his speech at Janasena Maha Sabha targeting Chandrababu Naidu instead of the Centre that is a sudden u-turn, Pawan continued his attack on Naidu with national media as well.

Speaking to national media, Pawan alleged Naidu of “losing” the trust of AP people. He said that Chandrababu has reacted “too late”. Pawan alleged that TDP has “played” with the emotions of the people of AP. He said that Chandrababu Naidu has no option now but to face the present consequences.

Yet again, Pawan has criticized Chandrababu in front of national media thus weakening TDP’s fight against the Centre, opined several political analysts. On the whole, TDP is also on fire to counter Pawan’s loopholes, his silence over PRP’s merger into Congress, Chiranjeevi’s silence as Union Minister in UPA, Rajya Sabha MP when the Centre divided AP unilaterally, funds to Pawan’s political party and his 2 acres of land in Guntur, several other issues.