How About Pawan-TDP Alliance In Telangana?

Strange are the politics of the Communist parties, particularly CPI (M), across the country. At the national level, the CPI (M) wants the opposition parties come together to put up a common fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party.

However, it is against the Trinamool Congress party to be out of the opposition front, as both are bitter enemies in West Bengal.

In Andhra Pradesh, the CPI (M) is strongly opposing the Telugu Desam Party. It wants to forge an alliance with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party and if YSR Congress party does not have intentions to join hands with the BJP, it has no objection to YSRC having a pact with Jana Sena to defeat the TDP.

And on Friday, the CPI (M) came up with a strange proposal in Telangana, which is likely to go to early elections this December.

It said it is willing to join hands with an opposition alliance comprising the CPI, Jana Sena and the Telugu Desam Party to defeat the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

However, if the Congress is part of the alliance, it will not join them. It is going to have talks with the Jana Sena leadership in a day or two. In case the alliance does not work out, the CPI (M) said it will have an alliance with the Bahujan Left Front and asked the CPI to support it.

This is ridiculous. How can Jana Sena Party which his fighting a bitter battle with the TDP in Andhra Pradesh can have an alliance with the TDP in Telangana?

In fact, there is a talk that Pawan Kalyan is secretly in talks with the TRS leaders to support them. In any case, the TDP in Telangana is all set to have an alliance with the Congress party. The CPI, too, wants to go with the Congress party.

So, who will accept the CPI (M) suggestions?