Pawan Told He is Ready To Support YS Jagan – YCP MP

A day after fireworks against TDP and maintaining pure silence against BJP, YSR Congress MP Varaprasad claimed that Janasena and YSRCP will forge an alliance demanding the Special Category Status. Varaprasad claimed that Pawan has telephoned him and asked him to meet and told him that he would like to support YSRCP in the next general elections.

“Pawan Kalyan garu had called me and asked me to meet him. When I met him, he had asked me that why YSRCP leaders are making allegations against him. I had explained him that it was because of his support to TDP, YSRCP is cornering him. But Pawan told me that he is no longer with TDP and is ready to support YSRCP,” YSRCP MP Varaprasad told media.

These remarks of YSRCP MP have added fuel to the ongoing speculations that Pawan and Jagan would join forces especially after Pawan’s speech at Jana Sena Maha Sabha has a lot in common with Jagan’s public speeches. All these indicate that YCP MP’s claim has some base.

In addition to it, both Pawan, Jagan have not made any strong comments against BJP who has been delaying, denying Special Category Status. Without criticizing BJP, Modi, one doesn’t understand how Janasena, YSRCP could bring the Special Category Status to AP.