Pawan Wants To Become CM At Any Cost!

Actor and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has not yet built his party organisation nor has he come out with any plan of action for the ensuing elections, despite the talk of early elections to the state assembly.

Yet, he has expressed his intentions to become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in the next elections.

“Give me full mandate in the coming assembly elections so that I can be the chief minister for five years. I will give you development that you will never ask for another 20 years,” Pawan said, addressing a massive rally at Vizianagaram.

Apparently, Pawan is overwhelmed by the presence of big crowds mobilised by the party leaders to his meetings.

At the same time, he seems to be carried away by the way the Left parties projected him as the chief ministerial candidate.

So, he started giving all sorts of assurances to the people, without even chalking out his draft manifesto.

Unfortunately, Pawan appears to be banking too much on the Left parties, which are only trying to cash in on his charisma to win at least a few seats.

At present, the Left parties are mobilising crowds for his rallies, apart from Pawan’s own fans. Though they are hopeful that Jana Sena would have a pre-poll understanding with them, there has been no assurance from him to that effect so far.

In fact, Pawan told several times in the recent past that his party would contest all the 175 seats in the next assembly elections.

If he really sticks to his decision, then it would be a big disappointment for the Left parties, which might immediately switch over to the YSR Congress party!